Infrastructures, economy and informational politics: the case of Google Suite for Education

Henrique Zoqui Martins Parra, Leonardo Ribeiro da Cruz, Tel Amiel e Jorge Machado (2018) This article examines the context and possible sociopolitical effects of the adoption of corporate communication technology infrastructures and services in educational contexts, particularly in the higher education sector in Brazil. We analyze the specific case of public universities in Brazil and […]


DIO: A Surveillance Camera Mapping Game for Mobile Devices

Rafael de Almeida Evangelista, Tiago C. Soares, Sarah Costa Schmidt, Felipe Lavignatti (2017)  Abstract: Surveillance cameras are fast-growing technologies in contemporary society. In poorer countries, they are used to curb urban crime; in richer nations, they are also employed to fight terrorist threats. In this scenario DIO arises, a mobile phone game (still in development) […]