DIO: Um jogo de mapeamento de câmeras de vigilância para dispositivos móveis

Rafael de Almeida Evangelista, Tiago C. Soares, Sarah Costa Schmidt, Felipe Lavignatti (2017)  Abstract: Surveillance cameras are fast-growing technologies in contemporary society. In poorer countries, they are used to curb urban crime; in richer nations, they are also employed to fight terrorist threats. In this scenario DIO arises, a mobile phone game (still in development) […]

A eficiência de CCTV e Smart CCTC: uma meta-análise

Melgaço, L., Verfaillie, K., and Hildebrandt, M. (2013). CCTV and Smart CCTV effectiveness: a meta-level analysis. Report prepared within the project “Security Impact Assessment Measures: A decision support system for security technology investments (SIAM)” as part of the Deliverable: “State of the art report on SMT impact on the global security level”. European Commission: FP7.http://www.academia.edu/6775875/CCTV_and_Smart_CCTV_effectiveness_a_meta-level_analysis