Clarifications about the Symposium’s annals

We have been working for the past few months in the memories’ compilation of our last Symposium that took place in Buenos Aires. The reason why we could not meet the optimistic deadline previously stipulated is that the technical difficulties have been oddly persistent. On the other hand, by looking the process from the inside we can see that it has had moving forward as quickly as possible and want let you know that everything is going well. Yes, it moves a little bit slower than we would like to, but it follows without pause or neglect. At this moment, we remain cautious in the set out of a new limit date, but we assure that as soon as this work come to a conclusion, the authors and collaborators will be informed right on time. In addition, the outcome certainly will be made available for free download.

Thank you for your patience, interest and sustained following.

Kind regards,

Editorial Committee, IV International Symposium LAVITS